In February you do whatever keeps you sane, even if it makes no sense. That philosophy was sort of how I ended up in NYC for my birthday this year. I think I originally planned the trip back in October, but by late January it was making less and less sense in some ways. In other ways, however, it was becoming more and more necessary. So I went anyway, and that’s how I ended up spending my birthday breaking my phone (while eating donuts for breakfast), spending the afternoon (and all the birthday money I had just been gifted) getting it fixed, drinking the most decadent/expensive Negronis ever, watching Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins play Rabbit Fur Coat in its entirety, and finishing the night soberly sipping club soda while listening to Kristen Kontrol spin tunes in a weird basement venue in the East Village.

That was also pretty much the extent of live music I experienced for this month. I think the rest of February can be summed up by this song, which is one of those perfect things whose existence completely thrills me. How does it even exist? Was it written just for me? Did The Prettiots know I’ve been rewatching all that SVU?

In other (real?) worlds, I’m surprisingly digging this new Basia Bulat track.

Also, there’s new Wild Nothing.

Sunflower Bean has a super 90s sounding name…

And something dark to finish off with.

Good news, if February didn’t kill you, it can only make you stronger. My internet is broken at home and the whole fucking world is a sheet of ice right now, so excuse me if I stay right here in this cafe listening to headphone jams for several more hours.