i think that you lie

I wasn’t quite sure how to jump into this whole blogging thing, but I’ve waited long enough, so let’s start at the present and I’ll fill you in on the past sometime in the future.

I’m going to see Vampire Weekend tonight. I used to have a rule for myself that I would only see concerts by bands whose albums I owned, whose music I knew very well, and who I absolutely loved. Back when going to a concert was but a distant, impossible dream in my life I used to view going to them as something akin to having sex, and I didn’t want to become some kind of a slut. I’ve relaxed on this a bit, though not completely. I will still only see bands I actually like, for instance.

I can’t remember when or how I first heard Vampire Weekend. I suspect that my first taste of them was Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, though unlike most of my other musical experiences I don’t remember it actually happening. The one Vampire Weekend memory I do have is watching them on SNL back in 2008 and thinking that even though I had never really given them a serious listen they seemed like a pretty good band.

Finding a SNL video from two years ago on YouTube is pretty much impossible though, so let’s just pretend we watched them on Jools Holland instead.

I was listening to them a few weeks ago, knowing they were coming to town and wondering why exactly I was not going to see them. Since I couldn’t think of a good reason I bought a ticket. They’ve since sold out.

At the moment I’m very into I Think Ur A Contra and Walcott. I’d be pretty pleased if they played either of those tonight.