We’ve conquered the first month of 2016 and it was a pretty rough one. We weren’t even halfway into January before we were dealing with the bittersweet new Bowie album. Add to that the post-holiday lull, the setting in of winter (for real), and what was once a beautiful blanket of pristine snow is now grey and in some cases a giant puddle of slush. (It’s a metaphor.)

I’ve had to wade through my share of slush puddles this month, and though I have great boots, sometimes you need a little bit more. Music, along with booze and cake is always the answer. I went to another successful edition of Art’s Birthday right smack in the middle of the month that featured all three of the above. All that booze and cake (and boozecake) really made me crash by the time Avec le soleil came on, but it was still an awesome show.

So what else is new this month?

The much anticipated album Take It Forever from one of my favorite music-positive people/bands on the internet: Beat Radio, is out now. I’ve been listening to the demos for over a year and it’s great to hear the songs fully fleshed out.

New music to file under impossible-supergroups-you-never-thought-you’d-hear-in-a-million-years is Wild Stab from The I Don’t Cares. Juliana Hatfield and Paul Westerberg together have me questioning whether this is real life. (I’m pretty sure it is.)

Pretty much love anything Eleanor Friedberger does. The new album is no exception.

And the new Hinds has some sweet gems, like this one.

February is on the horizon, which means better things. Stay tuned.

surprise! weekly mix #29, sort of

I’ve missed making mixes for the past week or so, but it has kind of freed my listening habits. We all need a shake up now and then. Every time I lose a hard drive it forces me to start over, which I always end up being grateful for in the long run. In the last week or so I’ve been queuing things up on Grooveshark and listening, listening, listening for secret messages, as I always do. I realized that I was still pretty much making mixes, and that I might as well post them.

Proper mixes should be up and about again in August, but here’s a little burst of something hot to get you through the weekend.

Listen here.

  1. Michelle Shocked – Anchorage
    New York City, imagine that…
  2. The 6ths – All Dressed Up In Dreams
  3. Neko Case & Nick Cave – She’s Not There
  4. Eleanor Friedberger – Glitter Gold Year
  5. The Gaslight Anthem – I Do Not Hook Up
  6. David Bowie – Black Country Rock
  7. Deerhoof – Milk Man
  8. The Cure – The Upstairs Room
    I don’t think I could love anyone but you dear, that’s for sure
  9. Billy Idol – Hot In The City
    Fuck yes.