weekly mix #8

You’re not going crazy, there was no mix last week. Sometimes things just don’t work out. This week I contemplated making a mix of songs that contained lyrics from other songs. This isn’t quite it, but it’s part of it (and that’s not all it is).

  1. Mirah – Advisory Committee
    a hunting we will go
  2. The Decemberists – 16 Military Wives
  3. The Clash – Rebel Waltz
  4. Matthew Ryan – And It’s Such A Drag
    like I was just another one of your deals
  5. Phosphorescent – Song For Zula
    some say love… …is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring
  6. Kate Bush – And So Is Love
  7. Sleepy Tea – Make Believe
  8. Cat Power – Metal Heart
    I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see
  9. Feist – I Feel It All (Britt Daniel Remix)
  10. Josh Ritter – Lantern

weekly mix #8

The mix fell into place quite easily this week, with help from a few songs that gave it some important structure and took me by the hand.
Hold on tight.

Listen here.

  1. Doves – Catch The Sun
  2. Starsailor – Silence Is Easy
  3. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Ultraviolet Light
    I finally started listening to III/IV this week and it is amazing. I can honestly say it’s the first album of 2011 that I want to crawl inside (even though it really came out in 2010). Expect to hear more tracks coming up on future mixes.
  4. The Rolling Stones – Winter
    I’ve heard that Jesse Malin has been covering this song live lately. Let’s just imagine he’s singing it here, ok?
  5. The Replacements – The Ledge
    I’m the boy they can’t ignore, for the first time in my life I’m sure.
  6. The Feelies – Too Far Gone
    Feel free to start a dance party.
  7. The Only Ones – Language Problem
    …love don’t exist just for pleasure, so I guess I’ll throw in some pain for good measure

    And then the ladies come in.
  8. The Kills – Sour Cherry
    shout when you wanna get off the ride
  9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
    try and hit the spot, get to know it in the dark
  10. Kate Bush – Pull Out The Pin
    I couldn’t think of anything better to end this week with than Kate Bush growling I love life.