weekly mix #26

This week’s mix has a bit of a nod to last week’s St. Jean celebrations, among other things. It’s always interesting having three national holidays (St. Jean, Canada Day & the 4th of July) so close together. It makes me happy to be a part of more than one place worth celebrating.

Next week we take on the US. Canada can fend for itself.

  1. Calexico – The Ballad of Cable Hogue
  2. Robert Charlebois – Quebec Love
    Y fait soleil même si ça pleut
    , même si ça pète même si ça tonne
  3. Final Fantasy – This Is The Dream Of Win And Regine
    I never really got into Arcade Fire. Final Fantasy was always more my speed. I haven’t put this song on a mix since 2005.
    Montreal might eat its young, but Montreal won’t break us down.
  4. Bruce Peninsula – Light Flight
    I may have said this last week, but hot weather makes everything sound better.
  5. The Black Keys – Everlasting Light
  6. The Mynabirds – Radiator Sister
    New album by The Mynabirds was out earlier this month. I found it pleasantly surprising.
  7. Goldfrapp – Koko
  8. Okkervil River – Riot Act
    message received, loud and clear
  9. Ray Charles – (Night Time Is) The Right Time
  10. Fiona Apple – Every Single Night

weekly mix #26

So here we are on Thursday afternoon. I finally got Grooveshark to work, and the two songs I needed to complete this mix were not lost when my computer took a belly flop off an unstable wooden box picked out of the garbage. This is the mix for 07/01.

Listen here.

  1. The Innocence Mission – Lakes of Canada
    A serene little song that makes me want to be in a boat.
  2. Julia and the Doogans – New York
    Oh yeah, I was in NYC last week. It seems like forever ago. 
  3. Deer Tick – Nebraska
    If we give a little nod to Canada Day, we double nod to the 4th of July, just because it makes for a better mix.
  4. Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma
    Who gives a fuck.
  5. The Flaming Lips – I Can Be A Frog
  6. Billy Bragg – Greetings to the New Brunette
    I’m celebrating my love for you with a pint of beer and a new tattoo.
  7. Norman Blake – You Are My Sunshine
  8. Penny and The Quarters – You and Me
  9. Moneybrother – Ruby Baby
  10. The Jam – Move On Up