weekly mix #20

It’s been a rough week, but here’s a mix that almost put itself together. It’s also known as songs I heard upon walking into cafes, but that stuff isn’t going to assemble itself, now is it? My role here is still valid.

Listen here.

  1. Helium – Oh the Wind and Rain
    I’ve always felt like this Helium song was about me. Most of this week was wind and rain.
    that girl knows where she wants to go
    out on the river in a little life boat
  2. Regina Spektor – Love Affair
  3. Headlights – Cherry Tulips
    and in in the middle of the night when I have drifted off in sleep
    I see a thousand cherry tulips lined up along my street 
  4. Neil Young – Out On The Weekend
    This song punched me in the gut on Sunday. I’m not pressing charges.
  5. Jesse Malin – The Fine Art of Self-Destruction
    Even thought the perfect follow up to that Neil Young song is probably a D Generation hidden track, I’m using this instead as it just takes the story one step further.
    I’m a witness to the sickness, in a place I call my home
    On the weekend hit the deep end, with the secrets that I own
  6. Bruce Springsteen – Human Touch
    I feel like I almost remember when this song came out and was on the radio. Then I feel like I can strip that away and start over with it.
  7. Big Star – Kangaroo
  8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Call Upon The Author
    I’ll have Nick Cave ask on my behalf, as I’d like to know the answer to a few things.
  9. The Strokes – Two Kinds of Happiness
  10. Prick – Into Your Arms
    …falling in love is just something I do every day