weekly mix #17

A very cover heavy mix for the week of April 29th.

  1. Little Joy – With Strangers
  2. Baobab – Spring Forward
  3. Discovery – I Want You Back
  4. Empty Field – Lithium
  5. The Futureheads – Hounds of Love
  6. Gospel Music (ft Cassie Ramone) – Are Your Parents Still Together
  7. The Morning Benders – All Day Daylight
  8. The Twilight Sad – Modern Romance
  9. Amos Lee – Some Days Are Diamonds
  10. Local Natives – Cecilia

weekly mix #17

Let’s run away together and never look back.

  1. The Shangri-Las – Heaven Only Knows
  2. Bruce Springsteen – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
    Springsteen talks about this song in his SXSW keynote address, if you didn’t catch it when it was all over the internet last month.
  3. Cults – You Know What I Mean
    For your first slow dance of the night.
  4. Jenny Owen Youngs – Led To The Sea
  5. Ida Maria – Cherry Red
    I’m gonna give you lots of room in my bed.
  6. The Detroit Cobras – He Did It
  7. Ramones – All The Way
  8. Patti Smith Group – Pumping (My Heart)
  9. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Deanna
    I’m down here for your soul.
  10. Grand Ole Party – Gypsy March

weekly mix #17

I spent the week traveling with (and without) friends to NYC and Toronto. This resulted in a lot of time on trains and a lot of exhaustion, but it ended with a mix that knitted itself together effortlessly. Looking out the window will do that for you.

Listen here.

  1. Patti Smith Group – Easter
  2. Bell X1 – Sugar High
    I clearly have a weakness for songs that rhyme New York City with pretty.
  3. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Death And Rats
    Buses and traffic lights and tourists with subway maps and you and those blinding lights.
    It should be noted here that I saw two rats in Toronto and zero in NYC, where I spent twice as much time and did a whole lot more moving around.
  4. The Strokes – Juicebox
    Why won’t you come over here? We’ve got a city to love.
  5. Big Audio Dynamite – I Turned Out A Punk
    I think I’ve had this in my head since watching the Coachella live stream. This goes out to the guy I saw earlier this week on St Marks Place yelling into a cell phone about how he didn’t care too much about anything anymore.
  6. Frightened Rabbit – Keep Yourself Warm
    It takes more than fucking someone you don’t know to keep warm.
    Frightened Rabbit is my new favorite band ever. This helped push me over the edge, though I was super close before that. I’m hoping I’ll get to see them sometime soon in a way that doesn’t involve Death Cab For Cutie or the word ‘amphitheatre’.
  7. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – New Amsterdam
  8. David Bowie – Move On
  9. Frank Turner – The Road
    My sole purpose in taking a 16 hour trip to Toronto (plus 10 hours of travel time) was to see Frank Turner. It was totally worth it.
  10. Bright Eyes – Ladder Song
    I know now, how it’s gonna turn out
    You’ve got to calm down or I’ll lose my place
    Got to get to the center, got to get to the concert
    Run off with a dancer, gonna celebrate