weekly mix #14

  1. The Fiery Furnaces – Automatic Husband
  2. Summer Camp – I Want You
  3. Wild Nothing – Take Me In
  4. Seapony – Dreaming
  5. Fleetwood Mac – What Makes You Think You’re The One
  6. Destroyer – Your Blood
  7. M. Ward – Let My Love Open The Door
  8. The War On Drugs – Comin’ Through
  9. Love Inks – Wave Goodbye
  10. Ty Segall – Girlfriend

weekly mix #14

I saw a whole lot of shows this week and they all involved a whole lot of awesome. From headbanging, harmonizing Swedes covering Patti Smith, girls dressed like Moonlight era Cybill Shepherd covering Ray Charles, some intense kazoo solos and two back to back songs that almost knocked me to the floor, to something so akin to an evangelical worship service minus the Jesus that I can only say that I come to this mix feeling really and truly redeemed, musically. I guess it’s that time of year.

  1. Cory Branan – The Prettiest Waitress In Memphis (with Ben Nichols)
    I saw Cory when The Revival tour played Foufounes this past Monday. Music lover though I may be, it’s rare that someone wins me over at a live show when starting from nothing. I had never even heard of Cory Branan before this Monday, however I really loved his set. I looked for this song all over but it doesn’t seem to be available for download in Canada, and that happens to be where I am this week. You’ll have to accept this bootleg. I like it, because it totally captures the style of his live act, which was where this all began.
    Also, you can never pass up a song about a waitress. It starts another mix all its own.
  2. Marah – Body
    How bummed am I that I won’t be going to this show next month? Quite bummed indeed.
    handful of chestnuts, mouthful of April rain…
  3. The Hold Steady – Yeah, Sapphire
    if I cross myself when I come would you maybe receive me?
  4. Lucero – Darken My Door
    come save me from myself
  5. Bruce Springsteen – Countin’ On A Miracle
    I don’t believe in magic, but for you I will
  6. Marshall Crenshaw – Cynical Girl
    there’s got to be somebody other than me who’s ready to write it off immediately
  7. Michael Penn – Try
    As long as we’re digging into the past for some Marshall Crenshaw I figured I’d dredge this up. I’ve always thought it was awesome.
  8. Chuck Ragan – Meet Me In The Middle
    fuck yes.
  9. First Aid Kit – Emmylou
    I’m not asking much of you, just sing…
  10. Dave Hause – Another Town

weekly mix #14

Half of this mix came so easily and the other half was a huge struggle. I guess it didn’t help that I’ve been a little distracted by the Music Diary Project I’m doing this week, so as I was looking for tracks to add, I’d get sidetracked and listen to entire albums.

Listen here.

  1. Bon Iver – Blood Bank
    I spent the weekend in Toronto with this song in my head.
    that secret that you know, but you don’t know how to tell
    it fucks with your honor, and it teases your head
  2. Xylos – Darling Dearest
    time reveals what we already know
  3. Destroyer – 3000 Flowers
    I saw Destroyer Friday night. This has been part of their setlist for this tour. Seeing them was sort of visually overwhelming. There were eight people on stage and the sound they made was more than any of them could visually carry across. I agree with a review I read of another date where the writer pointed out that the show seemed better when he closed his eyes. I found myself doing the same thing.
    At any rate, here’s a Destroyer song that’s so typically atypical, with lyrics that fly all over the place and a beat you can do the twist to.
  4. The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness
    I like to pretend this is my horoscope for the week:
    Forget everything you will read or have ever read about The Strokes. Ignore what people have to say about the things they do, or about how certain albums match up against others. Turn your back on all the speculation. This band is yours and you can put them in your pocket and that’s what it’s all about.
    I’ve been thinking that I’m pretty glad I never got into The Strokes when they first came out, just like I glazed over most of the stuff Ryan Adams did post-Gold for a while. It probably shielded me from becoming too jaded.
  5. Wye Oak – Holy Holy
  6. The Jesus and Mary Chain – April Skies
    I used to have a crush on a boy who worked in a cafe. The crush was made up of many things: coffee, fumes from the Lush shop wafting over, his enthusiastic optimism and this song.
    and there’s one thingĀ i couldn’t do
    sacrifice myself to you
  7. The Pixies – Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
    The Pixies are touring, but I really have no desire to see them. They’re one of those bands that I imagine to be a letdown live, only because they seem so built up. Also, what’s the chance they’d ever do this version of this song? Even if they did, I’d kind of rather hear it when I’m alone in my room with headphones on. Sorry Pixies.
  8. Radiohead – The Bends
    I’m planning the next First Impressions post to be about this very band, so I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately. Here’s a spoiler: The Bends is my favorite album of theirs.
  9. Nirvana – Drain You
    Spring has always been a really important time for me, musically speaking. I seem to get really excited about everything all at once.
    It’s kind of hard to believe that Kurt Cobain has been dead for 17 years now. I don’t think any other song reminds me of the spring of 1994 quite like this one.
    (Runners up include Ace of Base’s The Sign and Tom Petty’s You Don’t Know How It Feels)
  10. The Mountain Goats – Up The Wolves
    I went all the way to Toronto with a broken husband to see The Mountain Goats play. They did a whole lot of the new album and a whole lot of The Sunset Tree. This song kills me. I’m blaming the Rhodes, sneaking right in there at 00:40.
    And the whole thing just takes off two and half minutes in.
    Lyrics, guitar, Rhodes.

    I’ll be on the floor until next week. Enjoy.