Bandcamp Friday

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bandcamp is waiving its fees each month in order to pass them on to the artists. (The next one is coming up on June 3rd). Here’s a look at what I bought for the first quarter of 2020. Links will take you to Bandcamp pages, Spotify playlist is … More Bandcamp Friday

2017 best of

As promised, here’s my best of 2017 mix. Just relistening to it made me nostalgic. It’s interesting sitting with it now that’s it’s two and a half years old. It’s always adds the question about whether it aged well (mostly, yes). Since I didn’t write about them at the time I don’t remember all of … More 2017 best of


September has come to an end and so has another edition of Pop Montreal. Last I heard it knocked everyone out cold. I know I tried to pack as many shows as possible into 5 days, with little sleep and a whole lot of beer. Here’s what I managed to catch: Tess Roby, Hua Li, … More September

Au gust

August was a whirlwind of a month. I managed to catch one solitary show (Landlady @ Casa del Popolo) and it was amazing. A big chunk of the month was taken up by a trip to NJ/NY to see babies, mostly (followed by serious gratitude that I bucked the procreation trend myself). I passed up … More Au gust