what’s going on here?

Oh hi.

I started this blog in the fall of 2010 as a kind of DIY radio show. I posted weekly mixes. Sometimes I talked about shows I had seen (usually in Montreal, but occasionally in Toronto or New York) or bands I really liked.

Around 2016 things were arranged in more of an end-of-month-recap setup. Then I moved and the act of putting things into boxes made me forget who I was (it happens). I faded out for a bit, but now I’m back.

In between then and now I never stopped listening to music. I try specifically to also never stop listening to new music because I want to defy those studies that claim we stop listening to new music after 35 or so. Frankly it’s harder to do this. Lots of sounds are vying for our attention and our sources for the music that makes us stop and take notice are constantly changing.

At some point I realized that I could choose to change and listen to things critically and actively, or I could tread water if I preferred that music floated around behind me as I lived my life. I like a little of both, because it can’t all be work and no play. So, this is a manifestation of a subconscious decision I made to become my own metaphorical radio station (as was my preferred intake of new music in my formative years) and craft my own personal algorithm, which sounds pretentious maybe, but also pretty spot on and necessary in these, our present times. Thanks for reading and listening.

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