September has come to an end and so has another edition of Pop Montreal. Last I heard it knocked everyone out cold. I know I tried to pack as many shows as possible into 5 days, with little sleep and a whole lot of beer. Here’s what I managed to catch:

Tess Roby, Hua Li, Look Vibrant, Caveboy, I Shot Samo, Thanya Iyer, Buckshot Bebe, Cop Car Bonfire, Belave, Let’s Eat Grandma, James Irwin, Nennen (& more)

It’s was probably the best Pop Montreal ever. Maybe it was just because of what I chose this year, but unlike other years I never got turned away at the door because of a full show or spent the evening bouncing from venue to venue because something didn’t pan out. I was a bit disappointed that the chef stuff at Rialto did not start at 7pm as promised, but it’s not impossible to find food in Mile End on a Saturday night, so I survived.

As for new music, Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch is out today.

And here are a few other things to check out:


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