In an effort to stay out of trouble and to take advantage of still being able to walk around the city without freezing my limbs off, I went to many shows this month. Here’s a roundup of a few of them.

I started the month with Destroyer who I saw for the first time 10 years ago now. As always, this show did not disappoint. The highlight was a couple right at the front desperately trying to get Dan Bejar’s attention throughout the show, which is tantamount to trying to get a cat to make eye contact. He did not oblige, but gently collected the flowers they had thrown before leaving the stage after the encore. Brilliant.

Then on Canadian Thanksgiving I saw Jesse Malin at Divan Orange. I was glad to see that he had drawn a little crowd since some of his shows here have been sparsely attended. It was a nice way to spend a Monday night.

The Titus Andronicus show mid-month had a weird vibe. Maybe it’s just the way in which they’ve remodeled, but it seems like Le Ritz is only ever half full anymore. The space in better in lots of ways, but I miss that crazy party feeling you used to get when the room was packed.

I saw Alvvays, almost a year and a half after their epic self titled album came out. They were great live, but I think it would have been better if I had seen them when their album was still fresh. A cover of Camera Obscura’s Hey Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken and Red Planet were the highlights. I think they’re releasing something new soon?

And finally, I co-hosted a remote broadcast of New Shit, live from Casa del Popolo for CKUT’s annual Funding Drive. We had some gorgeous performances from Ylang Ylang and Old Haunt. You can stream it here for the next few months. Coming up this Monday (11/02/15) I’m going to be hosting New Shit again, so tune in here from 3-5pm EST. I’ll be spinning lots of awesome tunes to guide you through the new darkness.

There are only two more months left to 2015, which means new releases are trickling to a halt and before you know it everyone will be talking Best of 2015 lists. I am not immune.

Some things to tide you over until next time…


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