Oh hey, September’s over. Imagine that.

I started the month with a much anticipated Jenny Hval show, which was wild and weird in all the right ways. Spoiler alert: everyone was wearing a wig.

Then Pop Montreal came around again and though I didn’t go out every night I did manage to catch a few shows. I was there for Ought’s new record release. I hadn’t seen them since two Pop Montreal’s ago, and they certainly have matured as a band, taking up a bigger stage with far more confidence than when I witnessed a quick little set in a nondescript room over a restaurant.

I then managed to pack the rest of my Pop shows into one day, seeing Nicholas Thorburn cover Wilco, Jonathan Richman & Arthur Russell in the afternoon rain; watching Lee Ranaldo play thunderous guitar and sneak a few lines of Joni Mitchell into an already melancholy enough song in a Ubisoft conference room; and finishing it all off with a Babes In Toyland reunion that literally brought me to tears. I don’t think I really had a clue about how much their songs shaped who I am until hearing them live. Best and most necessary reunion ever. Saved my life.


I’ll leave you with some good stuff that came out recently…


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