In April

At the beginning of April I took a much needed jaunt to NYC in search of spring and new music. Spring was nowhere to be found but I did see The Mountain Goats at Webster Hall, mostly performing songs from their new album Beat The Champ which I hadn’t heard before the show. The album is better than I expected. I am one of those people who is never going to get over The Sunset Tree, and I think their last few albums have been fine but they haven’t done much for me. Beat The Champ, with its admittedly strange wrestling theme is a pretty solid album though. Post show conversation, thanks to several delicious IPAs, deteriorated into how every Mountain Goats song to date is probably a metaphor for a wrestling match. Discuss amongst yourselves.

A few nights later I was at Bowery Ballroom for Jesse Malin’s album release party. Crazy night, crazy crowd.

Other great stuff this month:

Speedy Ortiz had me at Raising the Skate. I’m already calling it as one of the best songs of 2015.

New warped Jackson Scott

A song from Marriages called Skin

And Moon King


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