You know what they say about March…

in like a lion…

The only show I managed to get myself to this month was the record release for Vincent D’Onofrio & Dana Lyn’s project Slim Bone Head Volt. The album is a collection of diary entries set to wild, jazzy music and the live performance was kind of surreal. It’s the sort of thing that you hope, deep down, is not taking itself too seriously, but at the same time is very seriously taking place, inches in front of your face, as you sip from a glass of red wine… yeah.

I debated going all the way down to NYC for a long weekend mainly just for this, but after listening to the first 10 seconds of Blanche, the ticket booked itself.

Will Butler released a surprisingly listenable album (kind of Strokes-y and fun sounding), which surprised me at least because going in the one thing I had read about it was his affiliation with a certain world famous “Montreal” band who I have tepid feelings for at best. But I listened to Policy, and wanted to listen again, and so I did. Sometimes you have to forget everything you’ve heard before.

out like a lamb…

The month finished off with looooong awaited new music from Jesse Malin which, I assure you, will be 50%-80% of what I listen to for the next year and beyond. Last year was a Tori year, but this year is all about Jesse.


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