Oh February

What’s been going on this month? Honestly, not very much.

I headed into February with some excitement for a few new albums and a killer karaoke number but was taken down for a while by a brutal bout with the flu. Then I lost my little superhero to a sudden illness. Both those things took a lot out of me, and so the second half of February has been focusing on stuff that’s not awful. At this point, I think it’s been a success.

The new Butch Walker album is good. I’ve definitely been enjoying it this month, particularly this track.

I saw Astral Swans, Hayden and Dan Mangan + Blacksmith last week. Kind of can’t believe that Hayden’s been around for 20 years. Anyone remember this? The show was good, but loooooong. Sometimes I can’t muster up much excitement for all of the pomp & circumstance that goes with these shows. My attention span appreciates the kind of low key shows I’ve been seeing more of lately, where one band goes right on after the other with no crazy 30 minute setups and silly waiting.

Kind of digging this one too.

March (and April) are bringing exciting releases, and some awesome shows too. I’ll catch up with February’s mixes in the next few weeks. Part of the mixes being semi autobiographical makes things complicated when there are weeks I don’t want to necessarily revisit, but it’ll happened. Stay tuned.




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