say goodbye to January

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) 12 monthly music updates for 2015. This year instead of updating when the mixes go up (which is each Wednesday this time around) I thought I’d do a monthly round up instead.

Best stuff to happen in January included…

The release of the new Franz Nicolay album, a contender for one of the best albums of 2015 in many opinions. The only show I went to this month was his, an awesome solo affair in an oddly inappropriate venue:

I’ve been surprised at how much great CanCon there’s been in the past couple years and the new Dan Mangan album is no exception. Parts of it sound amazingly like old Fury in the Slaughterhouse.

Looooooong overdue album release news from Jesse Malin, and a new video to boot.

And of course, weekly mixes from yours truly over on 8tracks.

Finally, a bit of sad news – Faye Gade passed away this week. Her name is probably not at all familiar to you but she’s basically the reason you’re reading this. Because of her choice to broadcast Modern Rock in central New Jersey many years ago she made my life (and a lot of other people’s) much better and contributed to a music scene there that’s still going strong. I found this clip from MTV’s The Real World (circa 1992) which features the tiny little studio from the ranch house of radio, WHTG.

Thanks Faye, for making awesome radio happen. You’re an inspiration.


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