2014 best & brightest

Making an end of year mix is so hard, but so worth it. So I’m sitting down with a glass of wine on borrowed time to not only make a best of 2014 mix, but also to add words which is something I haven’t managed to do since late 2013(?)

I kept up with mix making this year, but I didn’t really write about music at all (except for this?). Sometimes you have to do whatever works. For the last year I’ve been trying to branch out more than ever and listen to everything possible. For this mix I’ve tried my best to find my favorite song from each album I loved this year. In some cases the only thing that helped me narrow it down was lyrics, which is what I secretly really was listening to all along. Nothing new there.

(in a sort of chronological order) with a lyric and a feeling
29 songs about being lonely

for April in NY
you make me want to smoke cigarettes, you make me want to drink whiskey
Against Me – Unconditional Love

my nightingale we beat them to their beds
Hospitality – Nightingale

a prayer for girls
you said, too true
Dum Dum Girls – Trouble Is My Name

I’d rather watch crime TV than see you again
Marissa Nadler – Holiday In

all I want all I ever need is is someone out there who believes
Angel Olsen – Hi-Five

August, watching at a distance
heart filled with octane, fire in my soul
Schoolboy Q – Break The Bank

in a cafe in Vancouver, or in the 80s
surrounded by the night
The War on Drugs – Red Eyes

pulling over artifacts from 2013
this winter hasn’t been so rough, oh it was cold but still it wasn’t cold enough
to freeze the blood beneath my spine, and at least I survived
PUP – Dark Days

for making me feel at home
there is something you believe in, but you can’t touch it and you can’t hold it
Ought – Habit

for waking up
David I don’t believe in God, I don’t think we’re Heroes in this play
White Hinterland – David

taking a bus to the airport
I can almost outrun you and those stalking memories, did I somehow become you without realizing
Tori Amos – Oysters

for friends, and breathing
I know it’s hard to find out what I’m not
I know, I know
Sharon Van Etten – I Know

after the gold rush, shook off the gold dust
Mirah – Gold Rush

for a trip back to 1994
done some things I’m not qualified to
Priests – Doctor

I was lonely, but I was having fun
I don’t want to start over again
Strand of Oaks – Goshen ’97

for stuff that’s warped
I always thought that you’d be here
but shit gets fucked up and people just disappear
First Aid Kit – Master Pretender

for surviving the suburbs
we spend our days locked in a room content inside a bubble
and in the night time we go out and scour the streets for trouble
Alvvays – Marry Me, Archie

We get melted, ice cream, no Carvel
Cam’ron – Lala

for book shopping
higher than a motherfucker, dreamin’ of it, it’s my lovin’
FKA Twigs – Two Weeks

for visiting the west coast, but never wanting to live there
I wanted to go home with you
I wanted to stay true to the cause, but look what we’re living in
The New Pornographers – War on the East Coast

from now on I’m gonna be your friend
Delta Spirit – From Now On

shake your burning placard on the government lawns
have faith that there is consequence in protest songs

Owl John – Songs About Roses

Bleached – For the Feel

there’s no safe place for the heart to hang when the body’s no good
Perfume Genius – No Good

I wish I’d never met you
Caribou – Silver

for the radio
Ex Hex – Radio On

I loved you
Big Star – September Gurls

The Twilight Sad – There’s a Girl in the Corner

Nancy Pants – Borderline


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