weekly mix #3

I’m pretty proud of this week’s mix. In case you haven’t noticed, the mixes are going up on Mondays this year. This isn’t really something I chose, it just worked out that way since January 7th was on a Monday this year. In 2011 it was every Friday, which a lot of people seemed to like. In 2012 it was every Saturday, which was not only harder for me, but it also seemed less convenient for listeners. Mondays are working out really well so far though. I have all weekend to fine tune and upload the mix and you have the whole week to listen. I’m eager to know how you feel about this change. Is it better/more convient to listen to mixes on Friday, Saturday or Monday?

  1. Redd Kross – Stay Away From Downtown
  2. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built
  3. The Pass – Colors
  4. Pete Yorn – Precious Stone
  5. Christopher Owens – New York City
  6. Soft Swells – Make It Go Away
  7. Chelsea Light Moving – Empires of Time
  8. Richard Buckner – Witness
  9. Neil Young – Razor Love
  10. Kurt Vile – Society Is My Friend

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