weekly mix #42

Better late than never. The trip I took to Ottawa last weekend got me a little off track with the mixes, but I do have them ready to go now. Here’s last Saturday’s. Yesterday’s is coming in the next few days.

  1. The Helio Sequence – October
  2. A Girl in a Rat Suit – Hotel Terminus
  3. Mark Lanegan – When Your Number Isn’t Up
  4. Regina Spektor – Samson
    This version, from 2002’s Songs has always been better than the faster and more polished Begin To Hope version, in my opinion.
  5. Marah – Blue But Cool
    two heartsick fools drinking beer on their kitchen stools
    and we’re scared, and yeah we’re blue, but cool
  6. Ryan Adams – Wish You Here Here
  7. Mumford & Sons – I Gave You All
  8. Bishop Allen – Click, Click, Click, Click
  9. Thea Gilmore – I’m Not Down
  10. The Gaslight Anthem – Black Betty & The Moon

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