weekly mix #36

  1. Morrissey – Disappointed
    don’t talk to me now about people who are nice
    cause I have spent my whole life in ruins
    because of people who were nice
  2. Bruce Springsteen – Mary Lou
  3. Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism
    we’re banging pots and pans
    to make you understand
  4. The Boom Bang – Tobacula
  5. Divine Fits – My Love Is Real
  6. Nice Purse – Kathalaugh
  7. Quiet Life – Sherry Darling
    I’m posting this from NJ, so you know I had to double up on the Springsteen.
  8. Amy Correia – Life Is Beautiful
  9. David Bowie – Letter To Hermione
  10. Neil Young – Birds

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