weekly mix #25

I never got a chance to post the last two week’s mixes since I was traveling (attending the greatest wedding ever and getting a new tattoo). However, that means I missed putting out a “last mix of spring”, but I can still give you a “first mix of the summer”. Hopefully I’ll be able to put mixes up regularly for the next twelve weeks. Nothing beats a summer mix (or twelve of them, in this case).

  1. Destroyer – Your Blues
    Went to see Destroyer Thursday night. It was all a blur of sweaty bodies and lights. And this song.
  2. The Stranglers – Midnight Summer Dream
    woke up on a good day, and the world was wonderful
  3. Silver Apples – Oscillations
  4. Standard Fare – Darth Vader
  5. The Wallflowers – One Headlight
    Blast from the past.
  6. Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)
    Crocodiles put out a great album a few weeks ago. This song in particular is a very good choice for a summer soundtrack.
  7. Peggy Sue – Heatwave
    All music sounds better when it’s hot out.
  8. Ani DiFranco – Fierce Flawless
    everything bows to beauty…
  9. Echo & The Bunnymen – Seven Seas
  10. Big Star – Way Out West

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