weekly mix #16

This was a crazy week. It wasn’t until last night after many glasses of wine that I figured out that it felt like I was held together by guitar strings.

  1. Ani DiFranco – Your Next Bold Move
  2. The Peptides – Jealous Guy
  3. The Horrible Crowes – I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together
    I believe my trouble and your trouble shook hands
  4. Frightened Rabbit – Head Rolls Off
    Jesus is just a Spanish boy’s name
  5. Miles Hunt – Let’s Hope I Get It Right This Time
    if I drop to my knees this late in the day who am I saved by?
  6. Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You
    I’ve always thought this song was amazing.
  7. The Pretenders – The Wait
  8. Graham Parker – Weather Report
  9. Bruce Springsteen – We Take Care Of Our Own
  10. Marah – Angels On a Passing Train
    your laughter is my Jesus

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