weekly mix #1

A new year, a new mix. Welcome to your year.

  1. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX – My Cloud
    The best way to start the year.
  2. Eleanor Friedberger – Glitter Gold Year
    2010 2012
  3. Cotton Jones – Gotta Cheer Up
  4. PJ Harvey – Before Departure
  5. Kate Bush – All The Love
  6. Lucero – Across The River
    Crossed so many rivers this week I’ve lost count.
  7. Thurston Moore – Benediction
    Hoping you got to spend the New Year with someone you love, like I did.
  8. Wilco – Jesus, Etc.
  9. Johnny Thunders – (You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A) Memory
    About an hour or so before midnight on the last day of 2011, I got to hear Jesse Malin cover this. Pretty good end to an okay year.
  10. M Ward – Fahey
    The end is only the beginning.

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