weekly mix #51

The year is winding down and mostly everyone is deep into holiday plans, including me. I am hosting Xmas for my whole family. However, I’ve decided not to stress myself out about certain things, like the state of the coffee pot or the fact that people will be preparing and eating various meats in my kitchen. I am determined to let all of that go, listen to holiday music for the next few days, and possibly wear a tutu while making vegetarian sag paneer. Whatever makes one happy.

This time of year is the darkest and potentially the most bleak and hopeless, and coincidentally I’ve noticed, a time when some of the people we love are taken from us. I don’t know if it’s better or worse that the biggest holiday in the year gets plunked right on top of it, but it’s something that gives me hope.

Next week is a week of reflection, for me. This week, hopeful craziness mixed with calm and coffee breaks. I hope the end of the year brings you whatever you desire.

File under : seeing clear through, last gang in town, revolution, ghosts