Best of 2011

Here’s a little mix of songs from the best albums I listened to this year. There are thirteen tracks because, well, there just are.

weekly mix #51

The year is winding down and mostly everyone is deep into holiday plans, including me. I am hosting Xmas for my whole family. However, I’ve decided not to stress myself out about certain things, like the state of the coffee pot or the fact that people will be preparing and eating various meats in my … More weekly mix #51

weekly mix #50

This is the last mix of the Fall, so maybe that means we’ll get some snow soon. Honestly, the lack of snow this year is really fucking with me. This week on the mix : a band I’ll see perform live before year’s end, a growl about living on the road, some songs about looking … More weekly mix #50

weekly mix #48

  It’s December, but it doesn’t feel like December. Not yet anyway. I spent most of this week alone. It was chillingly purifying, like an ice bath. File under : ribbons & bows, wishes, brown eyes