weekly mix #36

I know this mix is late, but this is really the first bit of time I’ve had since Wednesday to put it up. I’m thinking I’ll be moving away from Grooveshark soon, since it’s hard to find the stuff I want on there and they’ve now made it even harder with their new uploading policies. As a result, this isn’t even the original version of the mix, but it’s close enough.

Listen here.

  1. The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Lucky
    if you’re anywhere in Manhattan in the next eight days or so, let me know
  2. D Generation – Guitar Mafia
    I’m going to see D Generation on Saturday. I was lucky enough to see them the first time around, back in 1999. I never thought I would see them again, and I do think their reunion is a little weird, but I’m still excited.
    another pretty face, shopping for your clothes on St Mark’s Place
  3. Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War – Trash City
  4. Eleanor Friedberger – Roosevelt Island
  5. Beck – Jack-Ass
  6. Metric – Gold Guns Girls (acoustic)
  7. Lou Reed – Sick of You
  8. Duke Ellington – The Sidewalks of New York
  9. Songs: Ohia – Leave The City
    broke my heart to leave the city
  10. Vampire Weekend – Taxi Cab

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