Osheaga, part 1

I was planning to be mostly set up on my new computer by the first Friday in August, just in time to get back into the mix. I’m not 100% sure that will happen now, but I’m still going to try. At the moment this new computer is the most inefficient beast ever and I … More Osheaga, part 1

mix hiatus

I’m going to be putting the weekly mixes on hiatus until I get a proper working computer again. Not having a working computer or even a desk to blog from is making things a bit difficult, especially since I’m also in the process of trying to rearrange my apartment and enjoy summer, which is a … More mix hiatus

weekly mix #26

So here we are on Thursday afternoon. I finally got Grooveshark to work, and the two songs I needed to complete this mix were not lost when my computer took a belly flop off an unstable wooden box picked out of the garbage. This is the mix for 07/01. Listen here. The Innocence Mission – … More weekly mix #26

oh, summer

This week’s mix, as I’m sure you can see, is a bit late. I’m having some Grooveshark problems, and I don’t have a whole lot of time to fiddle with it. As a temporary fix, may I suggest some new Gillian Welch? It’s porch swinging, lemonade drinking music. I’ll be back as soon as I … More oh, summer