spring concerts

April seems to bring not only flowers, but a crazy amount of concerts too. I have several things on my agenda for the next month or so, maybe more, and a lot of them are crazy awesome.

Speaking of concerts, I caught Titus Andronicus Thursday night. They were awfully rocking, and incited a pretty wild mosh pit. Before covering The Clash’s White Riot, they told the crowd “this is your chance to show us how hard you can rock, without touching the surge protector.” Punk rock indeed.

Then Saturday night was Destroyer, which featured distorted trumpet (reviews keep mentioning the saxophonist, but I’m guessing most reviewers didn’t have a trumpet in their face like I did.)

Tonight I’ve ventured all the way to Toronto to see The Mountain Goats. The weirdest things ever seem to happen to me in Toronto, from randomly running in to friends who are only in town for a few hours, to getting special requests played for me backstage. Every trip seems to be crazier then the last, and this one is no exception. It’s already involved crutches and a wheelchair (not for me) and a 2am false fire alarm in the hotel. Wild times.

From everything I’ve been reading in the past week or so, seeing The Mountain Goats should be phenomenal. They’re one of those bands I never thought I’d get to see live. It’s always great to be able to say that.

I’ll be closing out the month in Toronto again when I come back to see Frank Turner in a few weeks. Lots of excitement for that one too. The last (and first) time I saw him was at Osheaga last year and he totally exceeded my expectations.


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