weekly mix #12

Thump. I’m finding this mix just a little bit epic. Just a little bit bigger than all of us.

Listen here.

  1. Social Distortion – Still Alive
    Sometimes I feel as if I am in the midst of a battle.
  2. The Hold Steady – The Smidge
    when we lie to each other we do it through computers
  3. Abe Vigoda – Crush
    This came on earlier this week and I swore it could have been early Catherine Wheel, with stranger, more muffled vocals and some weird sort of high pitched guitar or something.
  4. Wye Oak – Milk and Honey
  5. Shearwater – Black Eyes
  6. Throw Me The Statue – Waving At The Shore
  7. Dan Auerbach – Whispered Words
  8. Cold War Kids – Golden Gate Jumpers
  9. The Tallest Man On Earth – Burden Of Tomorrow
    Once I held a glacier to an open flame,
    and once I felt like wildcat in the fallen game.
  10. Ryan Adams – I See Monsters
    When Ryan Adams plays the guitar it always feels warm.

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