weekly mix #11

This week’s mix is all countrified, full of love and syncopated rhythms. It’s the last official mix of the winter, you know. There’s a whole lot of melting going on.

Listen here.

  1. The White Stripes – St. Ides of March
    sweet. potato. pie.
  2. Lucinda Williams – Righteously
    be my lover don’t play no game, just play me John Coltrane
  3. Patti Smith – Revenge
    This song stalked me this week, and I can’t resist pairing Lucinda Williams¬†with Patti Smith.
    I thought you were some perfect read-out.
    Some digital delay.
  4. Vic Chesnutt – Degenerate
    This song itself is melting, and it takes me back about ten years, to when I first heard it on the radio.
  5. Beach Fossils – Golden Age
    Here’s another stalker. A song like this makes me want to see this band live. I hold on to the hope that they’re not as boring as the other lo-fi, post-shoegaze, snooze fests I’ve been attending.
  6. The Replacements – Kiss Me On The Bus
    I fell into a little Replacements rabbit hole this week and couldn’t stop listening to this song. Everything about it is perfect.
    Your tongue, your transfer, your hand, your answer.
    May I recommend this performance which apparently got them banned from SNL? This was the second song they played that night and I love it because they’ve switched clothes with each other, and even though they were apparently drunk they still nail it. (Do yourself a favor and watch Bastards of Young too.)
  7. Neal Casal – So Far Astray
  8. David Bowie – Sound and Vision
  9. Levek – Look On The Bright Side
  10. Channel Mixer – Broken Heart
    I like to listen to this one while looking out the window and watching the clouds go by. Everything is moving slowly until the mechanism clicks into place and then you’re watching a robot sky, except it’s real, until it isn’t again. Trust me, it all fizzles out.

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