weekly mix #10

Here’s a mix that’s sing-along in some parts, dance-party in others and made up of lots of songs that fit together without really fitting together, somehow.

Listen here.

  1. Telekinesis – Car Crash
    Have fun getting this chorus out of your head. I went to see them earlier this week and they were totally awesome, energetic, engaging and into what they were doing. It was quite a change after seeing several bands in a row in the past few weeks who couldn’t be bothered to talk to the audience and looked like they’d rather be somewhere else.
  2. The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
  3. The Strokes – You Only Live Once
    New Strokes album is coming out soon. People seem to like talking about that sort of thing a whole lot.
  4. The Gaslight Anthem – The Backseat
    the summer always brought in that wild and reckless breeze
  5. Bruce Springsteen – None But The Brave
  6. Cursive – The Recluse
    There’s been a lot of Cursive on the mixes lately. No explanation for that really. I’ve just been slowly rediscovering them.
  7. As Tall As Lions – Into The Flood
  8. Guillemots – Walk The River
  9. The National – Anyone’s Ghost
  10. Spoon – The Underdog

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