weekly mix #9

The mixes are coming together more easily now. I suspect I’m finally getting into the rhythm of 2011.

Listen here.

  1. Sugar – Gee Angel
    didn’t mean to spend all the cash I had…
  2. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Stop Playing With My Heart
    alright already, you win
  3. Stevie Nicks – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
    I had to do it. It just made sense. Which plea is more convincing?
  4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Bring It On
    My favorite part of this song is right around the :22 mark, just so you know. As the man says, bring it on.
  5. Yeasayer – Crazy
    I’d have to say that I prefer the original to this cover, but I think it happens to fit with the vibe of this mix.
  6. Jesse Malin – Operator
    And I’d have to say that I prefer this cover to the original, though that’s no surprise. Earlier this week I realized I had never really listened to this song much, probably because I was subconsciously saving it for this week.
    I learned to take it well, I only wish my words could just convince myself,
    that it just wasn’t real, but that’s not the way it feels.
    It’s funny how that happens.
  7. Smith Westerns – Weekend
    I caught this band live earlier this week. They’re a bunch of little boys, some with floppy hair that falls in their eyes. And they kind of rock.
  8. Cursive – Caveman
    don’t need no upward mobility
  9. Sergio Mendes – Waters Of March
    Here’s the part where I reassure you that spring is coming someday.
  10. Holger Czukay – Fragrance
    Things will melt.

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