weekly mix #4

I’m finally feeling more caught up this week, on some levels anyway. This was the first week of the year that I didn’t do any travelling, I’m just getting into being back home and clearing out some mental cobwebs.

Listen here.

  1. Jesse Malin – Cigarettes & Violets
    On Monday I saw Jesse’s third show in Montreal in less than a year. The Winter Dance Party tour opens up with a really rich version of this song. I’d say it was one of my favorites, but that would be true of any of his songs.
  2. Destroyer – The Music Lovers
    The new Destroyer came out this week and I’d talk about it, but I confess I’ve only listened to it once a few weeks ago when it was streaming on the Merge site. It’s not that I didn’t like what I heard, in fact it floored me and thrilled me in all kinds of ways, but if you could see the ever-growing stack of records in my living room that are still wrapped in cellophane (mostly holiday gifts and stuff I picked up in NYC) you’d understand why I’m putting it off for a while. I’ll get to Kaputt when I’m ready, and it’ll be waiting for me, I know. In the meantime, this song.
  3. Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band – To All The Lights In The Windows
    there’s nothing impossible when I’m with you and you’re with me
    I love the way the tension in this song builds up to the end of the chorus and then calms right down for the verse.
  4. The Decemberists – January Hymn
    Oh oh, going to see The Decemberists on Monday. While I’ve never been a big fan of theirs, I will admit that some of their lyrics have always bewitched me. A love song to a part of the year that most people have nothing but negative things to say about? Yes, please. And thank you from the bottom of my wintry little heart.
  5. The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires
    And more bewitching in the form of five little words – someday we won’t remember this. We might as well change the name of this mix into lyricists I’d like to run away with.
  6. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Sink Ships
    I found this the other night and there’s nothing to not like about this song. It’s so delicate and fragile. The album version here is sturdier, but I like them both.
  7. Cold War Kids – Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
  8. Wild Nothing – Bored Games
    This song makes me want to have a little dance party. 
  9. Cursive – Icebreakers
  10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cold Light
    This has been our anthem over here for the past week. It was pretty cold out.

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