weekly mix #2

This mix is exactly one week late, so try to put yourself back to last week when you listen. I’ve decided to post it today anyway, and then post this week’s real mix sometime in the next few days. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for a couple weeks and having lots of adventures, so things are only now just getting back to normal, but I’m also trying my best to make normal less normal if you know what I mean.

Listen here.

  1. Neon Trees – Sins of My Youth
    I saw Neon Trees last week in NYC. They were pretty awesome. Somehow, for some reason, this whole ‘rock & roll as church’ concept is getting pretty widespread. I’m a believer.
  2. Goldfrapp – Train
    Did a lot of traveling last week. Three states, several train and bus and subway trips with lots of luggage.
  3. The Juliana Hatfield 3 – Feelin’ Massachusetts
    This was one of the first CDs I ever bought. I listened to it a lot back in the mid 90s. It’s still all about being bored and frustrated and wanting to get out, only now it makes me feel nostalgic.
  4. Swan Lake – Pleasure Vessels
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Yeah! New York
  6. Willie Nile – Love Is A Train
    I have a weakness for boys singing about what love is like.
  7. Cursive – There’s A Coldest Day In Every Year
    I like how everyone on the east coast was complaining how cold it was when it was obvious that they were just improperly dressed.
  8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore
    Once there came a storm in the form of a girl…
  9. Hole – Heaven Tonight
    …here comes the sun in the form of a girl.
    I’ve been wanting to put these two on a mix together for a while.
  10. The Black Swans – I.D.W.2F.

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