mix of the year, winter 2010

During the last days of 2010 I’ll be posting all four seasons  of my 2010 mix, as well of some best of lists. Here’s the first one.

Welcome to Winter 2010. This mix covers both the beginning and very end of the year and is full of all the sparks that set everything off in 2010 and will add fuel to the fires of 2011. Enjoy!

Listen here. (Track from The Morning Benders here.)

  1. Trains Across The Sea – I Will Meet You There
    This was thrown on to one of the first mixes of the year. It was a song of coming home after being away for just a little bit too long.
  2. Jesse Malin – You Can Make Them Like You
    You don’t have to deal with the dealers.
    I found this song very early in the year and it hit me, so hard. I listened on trains, in bathtubs, in the kitchen. Some would argue that I never stopped. There’s two studio versions of this, and I didn’t let this second one into my ears until February, while drunk on so very much beer and time spent with good friends. It’s a perfect example of a song that was meant to be sung by someone else. The Hold Steady version could never have done what this one did, which was crack open my whole head and let the sunshine in. In the liner notes of On Your Sleeve, Jesse tells a story about getting obsessed with this song and how his girlfriend at the time started to take it personally. They say you don’t have a problem until you start bringing it home.
  3. Destroyer – Hey, Snow White
    It’s gonna be alright, gonna be alright.
    I totally got into Destroyer at the beginning of the year. This song is the soundtrack to riding the T in Boston in January. The beginning of the year is always full of magic and possibility and no one knows what it holds. The trick is taking that idea as far into the year as possible.
  4. Graham Parker – Passion Is No Ordinary Word
    I remember finding this video and falling in love with Graham Parker all over again. I added lots of Graham Parker to my vinyl collection this year. An interesting fact, since I probably started out with more Graham Parker vinyl than any other artist, except maybe Echo & The Bunnymen.
  5. Swan Lake – Heartswarm
    This is the other half of the root of the Destroyer love. Do my eyes deceive me, or is it truly springtime in Paris for that piece of shit? It can’t get any better.
  6. Tom Waits – Grapefruit Moon
    I developed a massive crush on this album earlier this year. We’d stay up late together and dream about things. Truth is, we’re still pretty hot & heavy.
  7. The Dead Weather – You Just Can’t Win
    Oh, Jack White. Thanks for reviving this little hidden gem. The drums, the vocals. It goes straight to my hips.
  8. The Morning Benders – He’s A Rebel
    See the way he walks down the street? This was a believeable enough love song when sung by The Crystals, but The Morning Benders just take it to the next level. I’ll buy every word. I love that none of the gender pronouns were changed for this cover. It led me to believe that this band was awesome. That idea didn’t really work out in the long run, but this still makes me think of the early months of the year.
  9. The Little Hands of Asphalt – The Future
    Let’s brainstorm, how can we make the greatest song ever?
    Mention NYC and the ocean? Check.
    Bouncy guitar? Oh yeah.
    A line about pledging loyalty to the heat of the passing cars? That’ll do fine.
    Harmonica solos? Got it.
  10. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Rush Apart
    It’s too late now. Let’s have a sing along.

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