weekly mix #49

We are slowly approaching the winter solstice. Here’s a little ode to the darkness, the snow and the cold that makes the winter. Though winter is not officially here yet, it might as well be since we were graced with a lovely foot of snow earlier this week.

Listen here.

  1. PJ Harvey – Dear Darkness
    Haunting piano. Polly Jean is a ghost.
  2. Basia Bulat – December
    it won’t be long ’til winter’s gone again
  3. Jakob Dylan – Will It Grow
  4. Neko Case – Star Witness
    I have a bit of a love/hate thing happening with Neko Case. I feel like I should really like her. I do actually like her voice, but I usually can’t stand her songs for one reason or another. However, this ended up on the mix this week. And I like it.
  5. Wye Oak – Civilian
    A brand new track from Wye Oak. They have a new album coming out soon and I thought it was about time I listened to them.
  6. Laura Marling – Darkness Descends
    Can I just say I don’t feel the light
    But darkness descends once more into my life
    And suddenly we’re all alone
    In silence so I take a step away
    I look up to the falling snow
    As it makes its home upon my face
  7. The National – England
    Still on a National kick, this one shook me down this week.
    You must be somewhere in London, you must be loving your life in the rain.
  8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
    More haunting piano. We’re buried alive.
  9. Cold War Kids – Audience
    Drop the needle, we are playing for an audience of one.
  10. Noah and the Whale – Stranger
    iTunes and my iPod have been playing the same songs multiple times lately. This is one of them. It caught me though, so I guess I got the point.
    You know in a year, it’s gonna be better
    You know in a year, I’m gonna be happy

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