the mix

For the past few weeks I’ve been slowly going through this past year’s mixes in preparation for THE mix of 2010. After some consideration I’ve finally decided how it’ll be set up.

The constraints were that the mix needed to have enough songs to fully recap the story of all I’ve been through this year (52 weeks of music!), but it also needs to be listenable within reason. I’ve always been fond of filling media to the maximum, but I also like the idea of the 30-40 minute set that each week’s mix provides me with.

Well, I think I’ve solved the dilemma with an idea that has made me not only excited, but it has possibly made the whole process easier. It should be up around the last few days of the year.

Another thing I’ve been working on is a bit of research about the best albums of 2010. I’m crunching numbers and compiling something of a best of-best of list. There will also be my own best of 2010 list coming soon, and if you feel like putting your opinion out there, there’s always in NPR’s All Songs Considered best of 2010 poll. I voted in it, and you should too.


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