weekly mix #48

It’s December, and though I almost suffered an itunes disaster this weekend, I managed to fix it without it doing too much damage. This week’s mix is influenced a bit by some best of 2010 lists that are coming out here and there (more on that coming up soon), and as usual some stuff that caught my ear this week.

Listen here.

Also, It’s snowing on the blog. If you’re looking at this through a reader you should probably click on through.

  1. Imogen Heap – The Fire
  2. Laura Marling – Alpha Shallows
    the grey in the city is too much to bear
  3. Regina Spektor – December
    A very old song that I really only try to listen to in December. We are not evacuating this house, we don’t believe in you and your wrecking crew.
  4. Akron/Family – River
    While looking for a cover of the Joni Mitchell song I found this.
  5. Field Music – Them That Do Nothing
    them that do nothing make no mistakes
  6. Moneybrother – Magic Moment
    I love the chorus in this song.
  7. Villagers – Home
    Everyone is starting to compile their best of 2010 lists. I found out about Villagers from one such list. This track reminds me a lot of Long Fin Killie.
  8. Long Fin Killie – Kismet
  9. Born Ruffians – Retard Canard
    I don’t want to start a flame in your heart, I just want to set the world on fire.
  10. Motorhead – Please Don’t Touch
    Forget everything you thought you knew about Motorhead and just keep listening.

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