weekly mix #46

November’s getting so much better. We hit a rough patch, but it’s behind us. This mix should probably be listened to while lying down with your eyes closed and thinking about how great tomorrow will be. Because it will.

The songs for this mix came out at me so easily this week. Fitting them together was another story, but I’ve done my best here. With this mix comes a little piece of my heart. Enjoy.

Listen here.

  1. David Bowie – Quicksand
    Someone recommended this song to me a long time ago and I think of them whenever I hear it. I needed to hear it this week more than ever. Please play at maximum volume. The guitar is a deadly weapon.
  2. The National – Lemonworld
    After saying I didn’t really get High Violet I found this song this week and realized they’re more of a November band. You and your sister living in lemonworld.
  3. Neal Casal – Cold Waves
    We could be drowning. This song reminded me a lot of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, which is nothing that should surprise you considering he was a big part of The Cardinals.
  4. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Dear John
    I had to add this song this week after watching this. I love it. Plus it fits with the little vibe I’m building in this mix.
  5. Cat Power – Maybe Not
    Shake this land. Some of these lyrics remind me so much of the songs I used to have to sing in school about the power of Jesus and the things it could do. But it’s a bit maudlin, so it’s better. You’ve got to choose.
  6. Azure Ray – November
    The saddest song I’ve heard all day. Predictable rhymes with strings (taken any way you want). Lovely.
  7. Rilo Kiley – A Better Son/Daughter
    Sometimes in the morning I am petrified and can’t move, awake but cannot open my eyes. This is an old song that I have loved for a long time and it fit so well this week. The perfect transition. Sometimes when you’re on, you’re really fucking on.
  8. The Fiery Furnaces – The End Is Near
    And slowly, it brings us back.
  9. Jeff Buckley – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    A friend reminded me that it would have been Jeff Buckley’s 44th birthday yesterday. When I think of Jeff Buckley I always think of that line in the Juliana Hatfield song ‘Trying Not To Think About It’. The Mississippi River has a mean undertow. I thought this was a better tribute though. A beautiful cover of a Smiths song, showing just what he was capable of, vocally and with his guitar.
  10. Bruce Springsteen – Something In The Night
    A little lullaby to set things right. The Promise came out this week. (I wouldn’t mind at all if the vinyl version appeared under my tree in a month or so.) If you’ve lowered the volume at all during this mix I recommend turning it back up now. You’ll want to hear that guitar boldly come back in at 4:18 after the bit of silence. It’s for your own good. He’s singing to save your soul.

1 Comment

  1. That Ryan Adams video made me laugh so hard this morning. He’s crazy in all the best ways.

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