weekly mix #39

  1. Jesse Malin – N.Y. Nights promise me it’ll be ok, when we touch down at JFK My first time ever flying into JFK, I couldn’t help but think of this song while I was in the air.
  2. Ace Frehley – New York Groove I was back in the the New York Groove this week, as I made my third trip there in as many months. Before leaving for NYC though, I had been enjoying rereading the SPIN magazines of my adolescence. They were like the Bible to me. I didn’t realize until I saw them again how important they were. I would read them cover to cover, month after month. The pages are so familiar to me and they evoke all these long forgotten memories. This song was a recommendation from the past that evaded me for about 15 years. I’ll ignore it no longer.
  3. Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social – Burning The Bowery I’m not usually one to double up on artists in the same mix, but during a week in NYC I’d expect Jesse to come up twice.  I had to include this after going to the Film Forum Monday night and seeing On The Bowery. Indian trails and sidewalk strays, old school hardcore matinees never held more meaning.
  4. Spoon – All The Pretty Girls Go To The City Yup. Been trying to stick Spoon on the mix each week even since I “rediscovered” them. This one fit this week.
  5. Ryan Adams – My Blue Manhattan This one came up in the shuffle on my way from NJ to NYC. Call it fate, call it what you will. It’s a pretty little song.
  6. The Tallest Man On Earth – Kids On The Run From one pretty little song to another. I was listening to all my Tallest Man On Earth in preparation for the show earlier this week. He didn’t play this one live, possibly because it was just him and his guitars, but I still like it a whole lot. It makes me want to slow dance with the one I love.
  7. The Magnetic Fields – The Book of Love Continuing the pretty little song trend, this one caught me a week or so ago and I’ve been listening to it a lot.
  8. Tilly and the Wall – Tall Tall Grass when there wasn’t anywhere for me to go, I stumbled into deep love with your rock & roll
  9. The Only Ones – Re-Union This one hit me in the subway, somewhere downtown.
  10. The Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations On the radio, or trapped at the airport.

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