weekly mix #38

  1. Bruce Springsteen – Sherry Darling  {This had to be this week’s lead track since I saw the sneak peek of the Springsteen movie a few days ago. I recommended that you watch the clip whether you’re a fan or not.}
  2. The Black Keys – I’m Not The One  {I’m still making it through this album, and still finding stuff to pull out every week and stick on a mix. They were one of the highlights of Osheaga for me this year.}
  3. Spoon – Everything Hits At Once  {I’m rediscovering Spoon. I found them the first time in 2005, but that was a while, and several hard drives, ago. This song takes me back.}
  4. Moneybrother – It’s Been Hurting All The Way With You, Joanna  {So sorry I missed Moneybrother on this Jesse Malin tour, but they never made it to the Canadian dates. I was looking forward to seeing them live. I think the vocals sound very Joe Strummer on this track.
  5. The Clash – Stay Free  {I had to follow it up with a Clash track, just to prove my point.}
  6. The Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet  {I just remembered that this band existed last week. I remember this song better than I thought I did, which means I must have listened to it a lot back in the day. I still prefer their original to the Replacements cover version of this song.}
  7. The Ramones – This Ain’t Havana  {I saw The Agony & Ecstacy of Phil Spector this past weekend and really enjoyed it. It’s one of those movies that takes you on a trip, if you’re paying attention. The Ramones were never mentioned, but this was from their Phil Spector album.}
  8. The Animals – Bring It On Home To Me  {Sounded good, so I threw it on.}
  9. The Hold Steady – The Sweet Part of The City  {The parts with the bars and restaurants.}
  10. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – September  {Been trying to fit this one on for the last few weeks. September’s nearly over. It’s finally time.}

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